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Art + Design - Faculty + Staff

 Faculty Portraits by Professor Kell Black

Faculty + Staff List

Professor Rusty Barwick
Rusty Barwick - Drawing
MFA Louisiana State University
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Alex Blau - Introduction to Art
MFA Rhode Island School of Design
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Professor Susan Bryant
Susan Bryant - Photography
MFA Indiana State University
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Professor Rachel Bush
Rachel Bush - Graphic Design
MFA University of Memphis
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Professor Paul Collins
Paul Collins - Painting
MFA Yale University School of Art
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Professor Dawn Dickins
Dawn Dickins - Drawing & Introduction to Art
MFA University of South Carolina
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Michael Dickins
Michael Dickins - Gallery Director
MFAIA Goddard College
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Professor McLean Fahnestock
McLean Fahnestock - Foundations Coordinator
MFA California State University Long Beach
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Professor Jessica Fife
Jessica Fife - Drawing
MFA California State University Fullerton
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Professor Patrick Gosnell
Patrick Gosnell - Graphic Design
MFA Texas State University
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Professor Virginia Griswold
Virginia Griswold - Sculpture
MFA Alfred University
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Alison Hafera - Introduction to Art
Ph.D University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
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Professor Barry Jones
Barry Jones - Interim Dean of the College of Arts and Letters
MFA University of South Carolina
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Desmond Lewis
Desmond Lewis - Ceramics
MFA University of Memphis
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Cindy Marsh
Cindy Marsh - Printmaking
MFA Rochester Institute of Technology
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Dr. Tony Morris
Tony Morris - Department Chair + Art History
PhD Case Western Reserve University
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Professor Scott Raymond
Scott Raymond - Animation
MFA Academy of Art University
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Professor Billy Renkl
Billy Renkl - Illustration + Drawing
MFA University of South Carolina
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Gena Shire
Gena Shire - Academic Assistant to the Chair
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Dr. Tamara Smithers
Tamara Smithers - Art History
PhD Temple University
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Dr. Jennifer Snyder
Jennifer Snyder - Art Education
Ed. D Florida State University
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Professor Patrick Vincent
Patrick Vincent - Printmaking
MFA Arizona State University
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Professor David Walker
David Walker - Graphic Design
MFA Univesity of Memphis
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Dr. Dixie Webb
Dixie Webb - Art History
PhD University of Kansas
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Professor Donna Woodley
Donna Woodley - Introduction to Art
MFA Lesley University College of Art and Design
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