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Master of Science in Criminal Justice with optional concentration in Homeland Security

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Students completing the MS Criminal Justice program with an optional Concentration in Homeland Security will be well versed in law enforcement, courts, corrections, ethics, research methodology, homeland security, current social issues, theoretical underpinnings, and complex challenges facing the criminal justice system and national defense. The curriculum and skillset competitively position graduates for careers in national security and the criminal justice system, as well as creating an avenue for advancement in military careers.

APSU’s MS Criminal Justice program leverages the knowledge, research proficiency, and professional experiences of APSU faculty and military officials from Ft. Campbell. Our faculty possess expertise in the traditional scholarly fields of criminology, political science, sociology, and psychology. These disciplines contribute to the intellectual basis for criminal justice as an academic field.

Currently, APSU is the only public institution offering an M.S. in Criminal Justice with a Concentration in Homeland Security in Tennessee.

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Master of Science - Criminal Justice - 1 yr plan

Master of Science - Criminal Justice - 2 yr plan

Master of Science - Criminal Justice w/HS Concentration - 1 yr plan

Master of Science - Criminal Justice w/HS Concentration - 2 yr plan


Degree Requirements

This program requires completion of 30 credit hours (10 courses).  Course descriptions may be found in the Graduate Bulletin.

Courses required for program:

CRJ 5011 - Issues in Criminal Justice (3 credit hours)

CRJ 5050 - Advanced Research Methods in Criminal Justice (3 credit hours)

CRJ 5300 - Advanced Criminology (3 credit hours)

Courses required for concentration in Homeland Security:

CRJ 5100 - Issues in Homeland Security (3 credit hours)

Supporting courses for the concentration in Homeland Security (choose two):

CRJ 5140 - Homeland Security Law

CRJ 5410 - Domestic Terrorism

CRJ 5420 - International Terrorism

Supporting courses for program (choose four if concentration is declared; choose seven if NO concentration is declared):

CRJ 5030 - Comparative Criminal Justice (3 credit hours)

CRJ 5110 - The American Court (3 credit hours)

CRJ 5130 - Theories and Practices of the Police (3 credit hours)

CRJ 5150 - Correctional Ideology (3 credit hours)

CRJ 5200 - Special Topics in Criminal Justice (3 credit hours)

CRJ 5230 - Criminal Justice in Popular Culture (3 credit hours)

CRJ 5350 - Ethics in the Criminal Justice System (3 credit hours)

CRJ 5700 - Psychology and the Law (3 credit hours)

CRJ 5860 - Graduate Internship (3 credit hours)

CRJ 5900 - Directed Individual Study (3 credit hours)

Admissions Guidelines:

The Department of Criminal Justice has defined admissions requirements as listed below:

A minimum GPA of 2.7 is required. Others may be admitted on provisional status. Provisional status can be lifted with GPA of 3.0 after 6 semester hours. Other expectations of graduate students will follow the APSU College of Graduate Studies standards. The department will reevaluate these standards should experience show that the number of qualified applicants begins to significantly exceed the number of available seats in any incoming cohort of students. 

To learn more about our program, please contact our Graduate Coordinator:

Dr. Christopher Wright, Associate Professor - wrightc@apsu.edu or 931-221-7545