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Adult Learners

In higher education, adult learners are classified as any students who will be 24 or older when they graduate. At Austin Peay, we understand and support that their are many paths that lead one to return to school. We love to celebrate the many backgrounds, ages, and stories that come along with this path. To help our adult students follow that path to the finish line, the Adult, Nontraditional & Transfer Student Center hosts programs and initiatives. Below you will find some of the always-growing lists of support offered by the center. 

Seminar for Adult StudentsSeminar for Adult Students logo

We understand that returning to school can be a difficult transition for some, especially when having to balance this transition with other roles like parenting, work, or a long commute. The Seminar for Adult Students (S.A.S.) is a four day experience that allows adult-learners to connect and learn about a variety of areas on campus prior to the fall semester starting. The goal of this seminar is not only to help prepare you for your start at APSU, but also to help you own your college experience while at Austin Peay by connecting you to other adult students and areas on campus. We want you to see your college experience as more than checking the box of completed bachelor degree. 

This year's S.A.S. has passed, but stay tuned for 2021's seminar.


Adult Cafe

Adult Café is a program for students over the age of 23 to learn about involvement opportunities and to create a social network with other adult students. Members are provided lunch at each meeting and a graduation cord at the end of the semester (based on attendance)! . This is a casual, social program that is student-ran and allows you to meet other students. To sign up either email us at antsc@apsu.edu or show up to any of the groups/dates below.  

Spring 2021 Group Dates:

Dates: 29 January; 19 February; 5 March; 26 March; 9 April; 23 April
Location: MUC 103BC@ 11:30

Location: Zoom ID 970 9822 9935

Spring 2021 Group Leaders:
josh jr

Josh is a Graduate student in the Leadership and Organizational Administration program; he is focusing on Strategic Leadership. He is a U.S. Army veteran and father of two. His short-term is goal is to complete his Master’s by next year and establish a business plan for a nonprofit which focuses on the needs of veterans, family welfare, and the disadvantaged population.


T. Smtih

Teresa is a senior who is currently working towards a degree in Social Work. After graduating, she plans to obtain a Master's degree to become an activities coordinator for the elderly. She enjoys spending time with family and friends. She loves her dog, JoJo, who will be seven this year. Teresa also enjoys crocheting and horror movies in her free time.