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Portfolio Reviews

Spring 2018 Portfolio Review Registration is now closed.

Spring 2018 Portfolio Reviews will be on March 15 and 16. Please see pg 28 of the Art + Design Student Handbook for tips and suggestions.

There will be two Q&A Sessions: February 26, 3-4p, and March 12, 9-10a. Both will be held in the Art+Design Conference Room (AD202)

All students with a major in Art + Design must register for a portfolio review after they have completed all foundation level courses (ART 1010 2D Design or ART 1340 Foundations Studio I, ART 1020 3D Design or ART 1350 Foundations Studio II, ART 1040 Drawing I, and ART 1070 Electronic Imaging). The review will be conducted by all full time faculty members within the Department of Art + Design. The faculty will vote immediately following the review on the students continuation in the program. The vote will either approve, deny, or defer their acceptance.

Your typed, clear, and complete responses to the questions found on page 31 of the Art + Design Student Handbook are due to by 4:30 p.m. on Monday March 12. Submit your answers as a .doc or .docx file attachment. A late submission will disqualify you from the Portfolio Review.