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Martha Dickerson Eriksson College of Education

Continuous Accreditation Since 1954

A Message from the DeanPrentice Chandler

Welcome to the Martha Dickerson Eriksson College of Education.  I encourage you to explore our website, and I hope it provides you the news, information, and resources you need to discover all that the College of Education has to offer. As you move through the College of Education website, you will find an array of opportunities to prepare teachers for children and youth ranging from pre-school through high school.

Our departments of Teaching and Learning and Educational Specialties offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs that meet state  certification and accreditation requirements. Our various Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) programs provide multiple avenues for career changers and college graduates in other disciplines to prepare themselves for their particular niche in the teaching profession. Whether you are a prospective or current student, a College of Education alumnus, a professional colleague, or a community member or supporter, we welcome your inquiries and your feedback.

Prentice Chandler 


Martha Dickerson Eriksson College of Education


Dr. Bruster, Dr. Alvey, Dr. Wesley
Dr. Benita Bruster, Dr. Tara Alvey, and Dr. Timothy Wesley

College of Education Award Winners

Congratulations to Dr. Benita Bruster, Dr. Tara Alvey, and Dr. Tim Wesley who won awards at the University Faculty Meeting on August 23. Dr. Bruster (Chair, Dept. of Teaching and Learning) was the recipient  of the Chamber of Commerce Community Service Award, and Dr. Alvey (Reading) and Dr. Wesley (History Education) each received the Socrates Award for excellence in teaching. Please join us in congratulating our esteemed colleagues!

Tracy Bettencourt teaching a special student in a class
Meet Tracy Bettencourt

"At APSU, they have a lot of amazing technology that I can't afford at home, but helps me learn through book scanners or screen readers or other resources that help us learn as well as anyone else. APSU gave me the same opportunity to succeed as any other student, and I would not change the experience there for anything in the world."