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Student Government Association

The purpose of the SGA of APSU is to be the voice of all students by connecting students to other students, faculty, staff, and administration in order to improve the quality of life and strengthen the APSU commu nity. As the voice of the students, we listen to and help articulate the ideas and issues of the students of APSU.

To be considered a member of SGA, a student must pay the SGA Fee. Officers, Senators, and Justices are the representatives for the SGA.


There are three main branches for SGA. Every Fall semester, Freshman and Graduate Senators are elected. Every Spring Semester, the rest of the Senate and Executive Officers (President, Vice President, and Executive Secretary) are elected. The Student Tribunal is also selected.

composed of the President, Vice President, Executive Secretary and Chief Justice. They serve as the leaders of SGA

represents all APSU students. As an outlet to hear your concerns, this body is composed of representatives from each academic college as well as students from each classification (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, and graduate). The Senate discusses problems that students see at our university and propose resolutions to deal with these issues

regarded as APSU's highest student court, composed of the Chief Justice, Associate Justice, and five Justices. This branch has the authority to hear traffic appeals and interpret the SGA Constitution, Bylaws, Standing Rules, and Electoral Act

Programs and Services

Numerous traditions and valuable services are provided by the SGA's leadership.

"Great Halloween Options for Safe Trick or Treating," is a longtime tradition at APSU, sponsored by the SGA. Originally intended for the children of APSU students, faculty and staff, G.H.O.S.T. also draws children from the local community. APSU clubs and organizations, as well as groups from the community, hand out candy, give away books and paint children’s faces

The SGA introduced Mudbowl in 2002. Every fall, students from teams compete in volleyball and tug-of-war- in the mud! The Mudbowl uses tarp surrounded by bales of straw, filled with tons of murky dirt and water

The Big Event is an event that several campuses across the nation participate in. SGA brought The Big Event to APSU in 2014-15. This is a day where over 500 students decide to give back to the community that gives so much to us through community service

Every Spring, SGA is committed to establishing a new tradition of both welcoming students back to campus and asking that they consider giving a gift of life to those in our community.

 This year, your SGA has compiled a list of Student Discounts available in the Clarksville area!

 The Student Tribunal hears your parking appeals.