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Geology students on research trip

Field trip ideas

There are many different locations in the area that can make for a fun and educational field trip. Some of these are great for a day trip, while others might require a longer trip but they all will help bring the field of STEM to life outside the classroom.

Local Field Trips

The Adventure Science Center lives out its mission to ignite curiosity and inspire the lifelong discovery of science. Their dedicated Board of Trustees, committed staff and loyal volunteers work to make science exciting and unforgettable. With the continued support of members and generous donors, they will inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, doctors, explorers, and innovators that will transform the world.

The Adventure Science Center

800 Fort Negley blvd.

Nashville, TN, 37203

(615) 862-5160

The Clarksville Greenway is a part of the Rails to Trails initiative that transforms scenic abandoned railroad rights of way and river corridors into walking and biking trails. It has garnered statewide recognition for environmental stewardship as well as popularity among citizens.

This approximately 9-mile walking and biking trail is situated in north Clarksville along the banks of the Red River and West Fork Creek. It preserves a natural space for alternative transportation from the downtown area to the North side of town. Native species of plants and animals can be viewed throughout the corridor. The community also benefits from these natural areas as they clean air and water, provide flood storage and protection, reduce erosion as well as offer educational resources. One of the unique features of the trail is the Raymond C. Hand Pass, a 600 foot pedestrian bridge.

The Clarksville Greenway

1101 Pollard rd.

Clarksville, TN, 37042

About the Park Dunbar Cave State Park is located 60 minutes northwest of Nashville and about one and a half miles northeast of downtown Clarksville in Montgomery County. Dunbar Cave, at over eight miles in length, is one of the largest caves in Montgomery County. In the roomy mouth of the cave, square dances, radio shows and big band era concerts were once held.

The 144-acre park is honeycombed by Dunbar Cave and numerous sinkholes. The cave has historical, natural, archaeological and geological significance. Excavations revealed that this cave has been used by man for thousands of years, drawn by its constant stream flow and natural air conditioning. These early inhabitants left drawings on the cave walls, perhaps as part of religious ceremonies.

Dunbar Cave State Park

401 Old Dunbar Cave rd.

Clarksville, TN, 37043

(931) 648-5526

As part of America’s great outdoors since 1963, Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area manages over 170,000 acres of forests, wetlands, and open lands on a peninsula between Kentucky and Barkley lakes in Western Kentucky and Tennessee. The family friendly recreation area offers one of the largest blocks of undeveloped forest in the eastern United States.

With 300 miles of natural shoreline, lake access provides idyllic settings for camping, picnicking, hiking, fishing, boating, wildlife viewing, and water sports. Licensed hunts for deer, turkey, squirrel and other small game animals occur throughout the year.

Land Between the Lakes

238 Visitor Center Drive

Golden Pond, KY 42211

(270) 924-2000 or (800) 525-7077

Liberty Park

1188 Cumberland Drive

Clarksville, TN, 37040

Mr. Bond’s Science Guys' mission is to make science fun, cool and easy for kids! With over 20 years of experience in Tennessee and beyond, they make science interesting and exciting with hands on demonstrations. The Science Guys have been teaching STEM and now STEAM programs long before there was an acronym. If you're an educator, event planner or organizer looking to foster inquiring minds, logical reasoning, and collaboration skills we have a program for you.

Mr. Bond's Science Guys

Your School!

(615) 573-2702

Nashville Zoo is a progressive and dynamic zoological park serving Middle Tennessee, southern Kentucky and hundreds of thousands of tourists that travel to Nashville every year.

Since opening its doors in 1991, the Zoo has grown from a small, private operation in Cheatham County to an Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) accredited facility with international conservation involvement. Over 960,000 visitors come to Nashville Zoo annually, making us one of the top attractions in Middle Tennessee.

Nashville Zoo at Grassmere

3777 Nolensville Pike

Nashville, TN 37211

(615) 833-1534

Rotary Park is a 111.3-acre nature park located on Rotary Drive, near the Sango community. It is easily accessible one block southeast of the Highway 76/Highway 41 intersection. Boasting over five miles of hiking/biking trails, and a large ADA-accessible playground.

Rotary Park

2308 Rotary Park Drive

Clarksville, TN 37043

Virtual Field Trips

Rules are tight and budgets are even tighter. skip the hassle and enjoy a field trip, virtually. virtual field trips are a great way to allow your class to explore new places without ever leaving the classroom. check out the ideas below for fun virtual field trips.

Click here to see a quick tutorial on how to use this fun resource for virtual field trips.

Discovery Education

Eduscapes Teacher Tap has lots of resources for virtual field trips. Explore their list to see how you can incorporate virtual field trips into your curriculum.


By using the keyword 'virtual tour' in the searchbar, users can find various virtual field trips experiences offered by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.


Skype in the classroom can help create a memorable, virtual learning experience for your students. Skype has virtual field trips available for users to view. Additionally, skype can be used to create your own virtual field trips or interview classes in other countries.


This database of virtual field trips is specific to those of museums and exhibits.

The Teacher's Guide

This site has links and information for three virtual field trip ideas for you to do in your own classroom.

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