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Out of abundance of caution, the Young Women’s Leadership Symposium is postponed until further notice. Thank you for your willingness to register for this event. We are very hopeful that we can reschedule in the near future.



Program Purpose: To increase the political efficacy of young women ages 16-24 through leadership development and civic engagement activities.

Program Outline: The one-day seminar will enroll young women between the ages of 16 and 24. Participants will be recruited through announcements sent out through the APSU announcement system and local press releases. The young women will be taught a series of courses on basic leadership styles and development and assigned a service-learning project and present their work at the end of the session. By utilizing service learning and political advocacy as instructional strategies, students will increase their political efficacy and community service advocacy. Additionally, women in leadership and non-profit service entities will be invited as guest speakers to reflect on their own leadership development and provide service learning opportunities.

Program Objectives:

First and Last Name
Provide Home or APSU Address, Include your city, state, and zip code
Format (xxx) xxx-xxxx
Provide the one you actually check
Please list current semester courses (spring 2018)
General Work History Summary
Please list community, civic, religious, social, athletic, political, and other organizations to which you belong or did belong
What type of service learning projects would you like to become active with?