Biology Photo Contest
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Judging Categories

1) Single Image

2) Group of Images Showing a Process - multiple images put together or modified to explain something, such as one might see in a textbook graphic and may include text.

Judging Criteria

Submissions will be judged on quality and creativity from a scientific, technical and artistic perspective.  Images that have been manipulated for artistic effect are acceptable but not required.


First, second, and third prizes will be awarded in each category along with 5 overall honorable mentions.  Prize money will be as follows:   1St Prize $200,  2nd Prize $100,  3rd Prize $50, Honorable Mention $20

Available Equipment 


Room Location

Faculty Responsible

Nikon Inverted with Confocal, DIC, Bright Field, and Wide Field Fluorescence


Dr. Lundin-Schiller

Olympus Inverted Phase Contrast with Wide Field



Dr. Lundin-Schiller

Class Room Compound & Dissecting Scopes with Student’s Own Camera (phone or otherwise)


On your own or work with your classroom instructor

Compound Light Microscopes fitted with MoticamX


C123, C224, C222, B231

On your own within open times in the classroom schedule & with instructor’s permission

Scanning Electron Microscope


McCord Bldg. Geology Dept.

Dr. Fredericks


Nikon Upright Bright Field and Fluorescent Microscope


Dr. Markov

Research grade dissecting microscope with digital camera

A112 Herbarium

Dr. Estes

Research grade dissecting and compound microscopes


Dr. Hamilton

Submission Details

1)  Submit digital  images as JPG files which have been captured and saved at the highest resolution possible (150-300 pixels per each is optimal) as winning entries will be printed as large as 23 x 33 inches.  Attach file to an email and send to  If your contest image has been digitally retouched or manipulated please also submit the original image.

2)  In the Subject Line of the email indicate:

  1. Category (Single Image or Group of Images)
  2. Your A#

3) In the Body of the email include the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Name/description of specimen, structure or process in the image(s). 
  3. Magnification
  4. Type of microscopy

Eligibility Guidelines

1) Participants MUST be enrolled in a science course during Fall Semester 2016, Main Campus or Ft. Campbell Center.

2) Limit 3 submissions per student.

3) Submission(s) must be received by December 31st, 2016.

4) Images modified for artistic effect are acceptable but include your original image in submission email.


All submissions become the property of the Department of Biology and may be used on the Biology Website or other official display items.  Credit will be given to photographer in any reproduction of submitted photographs.