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ESL Spring 2021 Term 1

  • Classes are designed for students in the United States on an F-1 visa, who are required to enroll in the program full time to maintain their visa status, for future university study.
  • Other students who desire an intensive program of academic study to prepare for university study or career professional development may also take these classes.
  • A basic knowledge of English is expected in order to benefit from the intensive level of study.
  • Classes are held in 8-week terms.
  • Five terms are offered each year: Fall 1 (August-October), Fall 2 (October-December), Spring 1 (January-March), Spring 2 (March-May), Summer (June-August)
  • Classes are small and taught by instructors with extensive experience in teaching English to non-English speakers.
  • Homework and exams are expected and assessment tests are given to students at the beginning and end of each semester.
  • Classes are not taken for credit, although grades and transcripts are provided.


Current Schedule:

Spring 2021 Term 2

APSU’s ESL Institute works with:

  • Individuals and small groups who prefer private/personal instruction
  • Local businesses who desire tutoring for their employees

Individualized schedules based on student and instructor availability.

Course content is based on the needs of the individual students. Schedules are coordinated to accommodate home and work schedules.


Fees charged per hour based on the number of students in the class. Payment is due prior to the start of classes unless other arrangements have been made.

 One student  $50 per hour
 Two students  $25 per student, per hour
 Three students  $17 per student, per hour
 Four students  $13 per student, per hour
 Five or more students  $10 per student, per hour