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Online Forms

The forms listed below require Adobe Reader.

Students do have the option of submitting documents to our office via AP OneStop. For instructions on submitting documents, please review the file on How to Upload VA Documents

  1. Advance payment agreement form: Advance payment is the VA educational assistance allowance paid to the student for the first partial (at a prorated amount) month and the following full month of enrollment.  Advance payment can on be requested by students initially enrolling or those who have been absent from school for a term that is more than 30 calendar days and did not receive break pay.  Advance payment is not an option under Post 9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33) or those students who are less than half-time. For additional information, please visit Advance Payment.
  2. Certification request form (CRF): The certification request is required for every term of enrollment, including your first term. This form indicates to the APSU Office of Veterans Education Benefits which classes you plan to pursue or are pursuing for a specific term of enrollment and your desire for VA certification for payment. You will complete this form online through your AP OneStop account. (Online Certification Request Form Instructions) If you need to submit a certification request form for a prior term or are having technical difficulties, please contact either one of our VA Offices at Main Campus or Fort Campbell. If you have previously submitted a CRF and need to make changes to the same term, an additional CRF (considered a change in status), needs to be submitted for the changes only. **NOTE: In order to utilize the online certification request, our office recommends that you utilize Internet Explorer as your browser and allow pop-ups from AP OneStop.
  3. Financial Resources Acknowledgement: (You will only need to submit this form if you are unable to access it through the Online Certification Request.)  This form is required every term of enrollment for individuals on active duty service and those under the Post 9/11 GI Bill, Vocational Rehabilitation, Montgomery GI Bill-Selected Reserves, and REAP education programs.  This form indicates to the APSU Office of Veterans Education Benefits financial resources that you anticipate receiving, excluding Title IV Federal Financial Aid, which will allow our office to report your tuition and fee charges accurately to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  
  4. Tutorial assistance internal recommendation form (TAF): Please read over the TutorBrochure.pdf and speak to your appropriate VA counselor at main campus or FT Campbell. This form is required for students needing tutorial assistance. The instructor of the course must sign and date the form in order to validate the need for tutoring. For VA Vocational Rehabilitation students, you must receive prior approval from your counselor.
  5. You will initially complete the APSU VEBO's online orientation with your VA education benefit packet. In subsequent academic years, you will be required to complete this form through your AP OneStop. This form explains APSU and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ guidelines as well as your responsibilities as a VA student while at the University. 
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